What is Pennies by the Inch?

Pennies by the Inch® (PBI) is Primary Children's Hospital's oldest fundraising campaign. Everyone is welcome to participate!


Do I have to raise money through PBI?

We encourage everyone raising money for the hospital to create an online portal to support their fundraising efforts. 


Where do I mail donations?

If you need to mail cash or check, please make it out to: Pennies by the Inch Dept 2672223 P.O. Box 26722 Salt Lake City, UT 84126


Can I receive materials?

Yes! You are able to receive materials at no cost if you register to fundraise. After you register as an individual, create a team, or join an existing team, you will receive an email with a link to request materials electronically.

Are there any guidelines?

The hospital is not responsible for any harm that may result to you or others while fundraising. The hospital cannot sign any permits or licenses on behalf of your fundraisers. All PBI materials can only be used to raise money for Primary Children's Hospital.

Can I raise money any time during the year?

Yes you can! We encourage everyone to raise money during the campaign time frame so we can mail you up-to-date materials and have our PBI Volunteers support your efforts. However, any money raised online will continue to support Primary Children's Hospital no matter the date.


Can a hospital representative attend my event?

Please contact the Foundation at to learn if a representative can attend your event. This will be based upon staff availability.


Can I share my efforts on the web?

Absolutely! We encourage each individual to share their fundraising efforts online via social media, emails, and more!


How do I become a PBI Volunteer?

If you are interested in become a member of the PBI Volunteer Board, please contact us at We would love to have you on board!

To ask a question not listed, please email

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