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Your Gift Can Make a Difference.

Funds raised through Pennies by the Inch® supported seven service areas at Primary Children's Hospital, which impacted thousands of children and families.



Charity Care is a nationally recognized program, aimed to help families offset medical expenses. This ensures every child is treated regardless of their ability to pay. In 2020, just under $17 million dollars was provided to families in financial need.


Philanthropy fully funds all Expressive Therapy programs at Primary Children's Hospital. This includes Music Therapy, Dance Therapy and Art Therapy. In 2020, the Dance Therapy team was able to add an additional part time caregiver providing daily support to children at Primary Children's Hospital requesting Dance Therapy. 


Donations make bereavement care for all families possible. These professionals provide the entire family care when facing life changing outcomes. In 2020, these caregivers provided care that reached far beyond the walls of the hospital.


Fundraising elevates the opportunity to discover new methods for treating patients. Advanced technology allows caregivers to provide treatment with more accuracy ensuring children receive the best possible care.


This department ensures patients continue to receive access to education during their time in the hospital. In 2020, fundraising supported purchasing books, learning modules, and materials for all patients. The School Zone at Primary Children's Hospital works with the most school districts in the country to ensure a smooth transition back into the classroom for every patient.


The Child Life Department at Primary Children's Hospital is supported by fundraising dollars. The equipment that they use to translate medical procedures to patients and items of distractions are two examples of how fundraising made a difference.


All religious services are fully funded by fundraising dollars at Primary Children's Hospital. This allows each patient to have a voice in determining if they would like a religious or spiritual element to their care -at no cost.