Pennies by the Inch 2020

Virtual Toy Drive for Primary Children's Hospital

Thank you for visiting our Pennies by the Inch fundraising page for Primary Children’s Hospital's 2020 Virtual Toy Drive which supports the purchase of Therapeutic Toys and Resources. 

This year $32,500 will be matched! 

THANK YOU to these generous donors:

  • Jacobsen Construction is matching $10,000! 
  • A family from Utah County is matching $10,000!
  • The Larson Family is matching $7,500! 
  • The Lundquist Family is matching $5,000!

Primary Children’s Hospital’s mission is to address not just children’s physical health but also their overall well-being. That’s why
we care holistically, addressing the emotional and developmental needs of every child, not just her medical issues. Without this attention, hospitalized children of all ages can regress and even experience long-term trauma. 

Our caregivers supplement medical care with developmentally appropriate stimulation in the form of therapeutic toys, crafts, and activities that make the hospital experience just a little more like home. Financial support for these materials ensures that our patients can have well-rounded, developmental experiences while in the hospital, and are able to adjust more easily both as they enter the hospital and as they transition back home.

Once again, thank you for your support. Together we are making a difference for these incredible kids!

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Team Progress
Our Goal = $65,000

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